Sunday, March 25, 2012

Upside Down

We have spent the last month being sick and recovering, and it is so wonderful to be well again!  I am full of pent-up energy now, so I am using that energy to turn the house upside down and inside out.  We are moving furniture, cleaning (spring cleaning, perhaps?), touching up paint, and trying to get the house set up in a way that works for us right now.

In other news, Mike turned 40 this month, Oliver turns 1 this week, and I will be 32.  Getting older is sure a lot more interesting when you are only 1 year old!!  I can't believe Oliver has been around for a whole year already.  He has brought us so much joy, and been such a blessing to our lives.  He has also given us our share of scares and ER trips and doctor's visits!

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