Thursday, October 15, 2009

Insurance is Wonderful

Okay, I know that there are huge debates going on today about health insurance, and many people hold a dim view of insurance in general. But I just wanted to put my two cents (pun intended) out there and let everyone know how thankful I am for my husband's job that allows us to have such fabulous insurance. Yes, we pay a pretty penny for it. But we have also saved so much that we could buy a house with our savings. That is, if we had the money. Which we don't. Which is why we have insurance.

I sat here and added up how much we have paid for my medical expenses this year. Since January, 2009, we have paid $8,433.03 to a bunch of different medical facilities around town. We seem to get a new statement from Empire (Blue Cross Blue Shield) every day for some procedure or another that I have endured. The latest one showed over $10,000 of "procedure", and it freaked me out to think of having to pay for these without insurance! Thus this little activity.

So what was our grand total? I'm so glad you asked! Without insurance, we would have had to pay $118,712.88 since January of this year, and that is just for me! Sammy is a whole other story. He has also racked up thousands of dollars in expenses this year, but we met his $771 deductible and don't have to pay any more for him this year (knock on wood!). His latest escapade, a walnut to the eyeball -- a gift from a neighbor boy -- landed him in urgent care, which we have yet to receive a bill for (or a statement from insurance showing us how much we don't have to pay).

Can I just say again how thankful I am for insurance?

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Anonymous said...

I love insurance too. just filed another stack from blue cross blue shield of "amounts you owe": $0. Unless the system were to change there is just no other way to survive without it...(no desirable way?)

~ B