Friday, July 31, 2009

TV Dog

Gordon loves to watch TV with us. He will sit there with his head propped up on the coffee table and stare at the screen for a really long time. Then he gets up and walks around the room and lays down again. And again. And again. He changes positions a LOT. That wood floor must be really uncomfortable.

Recently, we watched Marley & Me. Anyone who has seen that movie and is the least bit sympathetic towards dogs probably cried just as much as I did during certain parts. It didn't make it any easier with Gordon actually in the room, watching the movie right along with us.

He was fascinated by the "bad-boy" dog in this movie, and couldn't seem to tear his eyes away. We even laughed (!!!) at the antics of Marley, which Gordon just couldn't wrap his head around. HE wasn't allowed to do ANY of the things we were laughing at Marley for doing! It's just not fair!

A couple of times, Gordon got right up in front of the TV, when the action was really intense (read: beach scenes or Marley tearing up stuff in his house), because he really just wanted to be where the action was. Poor dog. He must think he leads a very boring life compared to Marley.

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