Friday, May 29, 2009

To You

To the person or people who sent me the $100 through Bonnie -- you will never know how blessed I feel because of that generous act. I am overwhelmed with love for... well... everyone, because of your selflessness. I have several options for how I may use the money, but I am taking my time making a decision. I want to use it wisely.

*I could use it to boost my Stampin' Up! business.

*I need some more pairs of shorts (I have 3 now), as I really want to follow my husband's leading and get used to it being warmer in the house so that we don't need to use the air conditioner as much this year. That will save us even more money in the long run.

*We could use it to take our family somewhere special and create some lifetime memories.

*I could get 1,111 pictures developed from Snapfish, which would keep me scrapping for a very long time.

*I could have loads of fun at the local scrapbook or stamp store.

*We could all go out to a really nice dinner somewhere fancy that we don't usually get to go.

So many options!! I don't know what I will choose yet, but I just wanted to post publicly about how thankful I am to have such generous people constantly touching our family's life.

Thank you again!! God bless you.

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