Monday, December 01, 2008

Snow Play

Yesterday was a lazy day for us. The boys were SO excited to see about an inch of snow on the ground when they woke up!! They bugged me for an hour until I finally gave in and dug their snowsuits out of the storage room. I just love Children's Orchard! I had gotten them for $15 each when they had all of their coats out, you know, in August. Because what reasonable person isn't thinking about frolicking in the snow in the 95-degree humidity of the summer?
They were soon (soon is a relative word... about 30 minutes later) bundled up and ready to brave the elements. They headed out the door with much gusto... and came back inside less than 20 minutes later.
It was really cold, I had to agree.
But the smiles on their, whatever face that is that Griffin was making... were worth all of the work it took to get them out there.
Have fun playing in your snow!

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