Thursday, November 06, 2008

Late Halloween

The house across the street. He loves Halloween! I wish I had a tripod, because without the flash, the picture always came out blurry if my hands shook even the tiniest bit.

Our jack-o-lantern this year. Yes, I traced around the boys' hands...

And then I cut out the hands, and placed those hand cut-outs and placed them on the stairs leading up to the house. I wish I would have had some pumpkin-scented tea lights to put in the jack-o-lantern. I only had lemon. At least it smelled clean!

My tired trick-or-treaters! Sammy (in case you can't tell or just aren't familiar with kid movies)
was Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles), and Griffin was Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story)

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angela | the painted house said...

I am so stealing your pumpkin idea for next year! :)