Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play-Doh Fun

Mike went by himself to Pickering's Pub last night to watch KU beat Missouri at basketball (Beak 'Em, HAWKS!!!), since we didn't have the appropriate channel on our ghetto cable, and no one could babysit for us. We seriously need to find a permanent babysitter. Also known as a live-in nanny. I'm sure that would help everything tremendously. Except perhaps our financial situation.

I was very gracious and allowed him to go because what I had planned as a morning out with Bonnie quickly turned into a whole day out, and it was a BLAST!! (more on that later) But I felt a bit guilty for having been out for so long, so I told him to just go and watch the game while I stayed home with the boys. It was a fun night for all of us, as Mike got to stay at the pub and play free poker -- one of his favorite things to do -- and I got to spend time with these two precious little boys. Sammy wanted to be right next to me most of the night; I guess he was keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn't leave him again.

Anyway, back to my day with Bonnie. We had breakfast at Einstein Brothers, and it was so amazing! We both got the Vegetable Panini sandwich, which is layers of eggs, tomato slices, spinach (they forgot the spinach on my sandwich, but it was still yummy), cheese and a spicy cream cheese that I seriously need to learn how to make, all sandwiched between crispy crunchy, um, panini bread? Not sure what the bread is actually called. Is it ciabatta? Yumm-O!

We then headed over to a resale children's clothing store where I looked for clothes for Griffin. I do believe he has been getting a couple of inches taller in his sleep every night. Bonnie even found a few things (can you say cute baby shoes and baby bunny slippers???) for baby Diamond Giselle, who will make her appearance in April. The shop was having a dollar sale, everything that had been "gently used" was only $1. They have new things too from overstocks at children's clothing stores, and those are marked at half the price of what the store was selling them for. DROOL... I found some really cute stuff that fits Griffin now and that Sammy will be able to grow into. The beauty of having two children of the same gender!

When we were done at the resale store, we headed over to Whole Foods, another store I am completely enamored of, and we walked up and down aisles, drooling (I drool when I'm excited, kind of like Gordon) and sniffing perfumes and shampoos and soaps and remarking over the prices of the vegetables, which weren't too much more expensive than you'd get them for at Wal-Mart, only at Whole Foods they are Organic and are displayed so temptingly and beautifully... The gumbo soup sample was so amazing that we both bought some kale so that we could attempt to make a soup that will be as delicious as that gumbo was, even though they didn't actually have the recipe for the soup they were handing out samples of, and couldn't actually tell us what all of the ingredients were in the gumbo (what's up with that!?).

We went back to Bonnie's house after stopping at my house to put my groceries away. When we got to my house, we realized that everyone was sleeping, even Mike, so we just left quietly and I left him a note telling him where I'd be. Bonnie made me (...well, and Caleb) the yummiest Eggplant Parmesan ever, and a spinach/mixed greens salad with raspberry walnut dressing and TOASTED PECANS, Y'ALL!!! And Garlic Texas Toast, and for dessert a blackberry (it was blackberry, right Bonnie?) and apple pie with ice cream with a drizzle of maple syrup and Toasted Pecans on top of the ice cream. Oh, the yumminess of it all. Talk about drool.

So then we headed back to my house, and Bonnie went home to prepare for a visit from her mother. Yes, people, the woman is 7 months pregnant, was expecting her mother to arrive that very evening, and still hung out with me and cooked me a fabulous meal while making more dishes and work for herself. WOW... now that's a friend!! We haven't had the chance to hang out for a very long time, though, so it was a visit we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Anyway, on to the pictures from my Play-Doh filled evening with the boys. But first, a short explanation must accompany these pictures. I am attempting to use my camera without the flash, as it tends to make people look washed out and gives them red eyes which take me a very long time to edit out of all my pictures. The drawback to not using flash is that the slightest movement causes the subject to blur, so most of my pictures turned out blurry. So I apologize in advance for any dizziness or squinty-eyes you may experience while gazing adoringly at these photos.

And now, without further ado... our Play-Doh Evening.

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bonnie said...

that was a very fun day! glad "we" have that documented somewhere!

Mike are "we" reading this???

and play-doh evening, what a fun fun idea, cute pics :)