Thursday, April 12, 2007

But Mommy!

So we're sitting at dinner the other night, and Mike and I are talking away. Actually, I am talking away, and Mike is listening, which is the typical scenario.

Griffin really wants to contribute to the conversation, so he is making noise, trying to get our attention away from each other and onto him. Well, I don't like to be interrupted. I like to be the center of attention, too, for goodness' sake!

"Griffin!!!" I shouted. I had to shout, because his noise-making was a few decibels louder than a jet plane flying directly over the dinner table.

The noises stopped.

"If you need to say something while Mommy and Daddy are talking," I proclaimed, "you don't just interrupt us, or make loud noises. You need to say "Excuse me!""

I was attempting to look parental and wise, instead of displaying how I really felt -- like an annoyed little girl.

Griffin stopped making noise, and was about to concede the point and say "okay"... his mouth had already formed into an "O"...

And then he stopped.

"But Mommy!" he exclaimed, with a look of confusion creeping over him, "I didn't burp yet!"

1 comment:

bonnie said...

I would like to officially thank Griffin for the six pack I will receive from all the laughter this story will provide over the years! That is sooooo funny.